Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact me by email at with any questions you might have, and I’m here for you throughout our floral design journey together. If you’re thinking about enquiring and have a burning question, keep reading, as you might well find the answer you’re looking for on this page. 

Where in the country do you cover?

My studio is in Warwick, and for weddings I work at venues across Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and The Cotswolds. For smaller scale events and for my ‘flowers for the home’, I can deliver your flowers within approximately 20 miles of my studio.

How far in advance should we book your services?

For weddings and large events, I’m often booked up many months in advance. If you like my style and you feel we’d be a good fit, I’d recommend getting in touch as soon as you’ve booked your venue and set a date.

Where do you source your flowers?

There are some spectacular flower farmers and independent growers in the UK, and I love to support British flowers whenever I can. However, I also work with a select group of trusted growers in Holland, who can provide certain varieties and types of flowers that are challenging to grow in this country. Everyone I work with has a real passion for what they do and puts their heart into making sure their flowers are the best they can be. 

Can I hire vases and containers as part of my design?

Yes, vessels and vases will be included in your quote and you are responsible for returning these to the Griffiths & Co studio in the condition they were received. If you’d like to provide your own vases, this can be arranged and we can discuss it in your consultation.

I love flowers, but I don’t know much about them and feel a little overwhelmed. Any advice on where to start planning flowers for an event?

My best advice would be to lean into your love of flowers and don’t panic about not knowing the specifics. Think about what it is that makes you happy about them – are there any colours you particularly love? What about fragrances? Take a trip down memory lane and see if anything is sparked by memories of gardens and flowers in your childhood. These are all wonderful starting points, to which I can then apply my floral knowledge and expertise, and translate them into beautiful arrangements for you.

The flowers I love aren’t in season on my wedding day. What should I do?

Seasonality is so crucial to the vibrancy (and also the financial and environmental implications) of your flowers. If you’ve got a really clear idea for what you’re looking for and you’re worried about availability, talk to me! I’ll be able to run you through the options we have, whether sourcing from further afield or suggesting alternative varieties that you perhaps might not have come across before. Don’t worry though, we’ll find a way to make your wedding flowers reflect your style and your story.

Do you clear away the flowers after the event is over?

Not as standard, but this can be arranged for an additional fee, and added to your initial quotation.

I’m looking for a one-off arrangement for my house, can you help?

Have a look at my For the Home page to find out more about my residential floral décor services. While I absolutely can make you a one-off grand arrangement for a dining table, I specialise in (and recommend) creating a suite of flowers that can be spread throughout your home and give a cohesive floral freshness to your spaces, from mantelpieces and dressers, to bedside tables and entrance halls.

How long will my at-home arrangements last for?

I’ll provide aftercare instructions for you when your flowers are delivered. If you follow this guidance, then your flowers should last for at least five days. Please note that extreme weather can affect this.

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